On the Issues

Solving problems, whether big or small, is the purpose and priority of my district office:
  • Connecting constituents to vital public services
  • Helping with government paperwork
  • Providing assistance to help navigate unemployment, veteran’s assistance, and other services
  • Listening to concerns about legislation and more

One of the fundamental realities often forgotten by our elected leaders is that they are, first and foremost, public servants. Being open and accessible is the top priority of my district office.

Preserving our environment while investing in alternative energy
  • Pass a fair severance tax on natural gas drilling
  • Ban drilling state forests
  • Increase regulation of fracking and monitoring of drilling impacts on water, air and land
  • Increase investment in greening our communities
  • Invest in alternative energy manufacturing
  • Increase the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard requirements

When I was 10 years old, my family was living in Alaska when the Exxon Valdez spilled thousands of gallons of oil into Prince Williams Sound, causing what was at the time, the worst man-made ecological disaster in U.S

Providing equity and extending civil rights to all Pennsylvanians
  • Provide equal protection for all Pennsylvanians
  • Expand existing civil rights protections and enforce those that already exist
  • Protect our immigrants from intimidation and discriminatory laws

Both my mother and father are retired Army Lt. Colonels and I grew up in an environment where gender equity was not taught, it was just the status quo. I was blessed to grow up in a household that believed in equality across the board, and it was with that solid foundation that I have worked hard to bring equal protection under the law for all Pennsylvanians.

Cleaning up Harrisburg and working to earn and keep trust through honest government:
  • Redistricting reform
  • Major campaign finance reform
  • Transparency in all areas of Pennsylvania government
  • Access to public records

Government can only be effective when is has the trust of its people, and that trust must be earned. Substantial government reform is one of the ways the General Assembly needs to show all Pennsylvanians that they are still public servants, working for the people instead of working around them.

Working night and day to make sure Philadelphia is a healthy city:
  • Bring back the Adult Basic Program, which Governor Corbett cut
  • Strengthening and protecting CHIP so all PA kids have healthcare
  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose and fighting for women’s health
  • Making sure community health centers are properly resourced
  • Ensure the proper implementation of Healthcare Reform in Pennsylvania

A strong focus on primary and preventative care helps ensure that children, women, and seniors are healthy, productive and happy; and a healthy Commonwealth is good for the bottom line.

Making Philadelphia safer
  • Continue to be tough and smart on crime
  • Pass common sense gun safety laws
  • Reduce recidivism rates by focusing on the few repeat offenders who commit the majority of crimes
  • Support community policing efforts
  • Reduce truancy
  • Reevaluate and reform mandatory minimums

In 2004, I was studying on the front porch of my apartment when I witnessed a tragedy that I will never forget.

Making sure our Seniors are given the assistance they need with the dignity they deserve:
  • Freeze property taxes for seniors
  • Preserving Medicare and Medicaid
  • Strengthen vital Pennsylvania programs like PACE and PACENET
  • Making sure that programs of the Department of Aging aren’t threatened by budget cuts
  • Working to make Philadelphia senior housing a priority

Our seniors worked their entire lives to raise a family, save a little money, and pay for their home. It’s a matter of fairness that if your income is frozen your property taxes should be too. Seniors’ retirement dreams shouldn’t be shattered by rising property taxes.

I will fight to make sure that job creation is given more than just lip service in Harrisburg. The Legislature has failed to address the job crisis caused by the recession and regressive Republican policies have made it worse.

My jobs plan capitalizes on Philadelphia’s role in the global economy by developing energy efficiency policies and innovations to grow new green jobs, creating better incentives for high tech job growth, and fixing the Commonwealth’s broken corporate tax structure.

Click on the image below to read a full copy of my jobs plan.


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